7th International Competition „in BAROQUE STYLE”

2024 - online edition


We invite violinists, violists, cellists, double bassists, guitarists, as well as pianists, harpsichordists, organist and harpists, as well as chamber ensembles, to participate in our competition.

  • students of first and second-degree music schools of all types
  • students of first and second-degree studies
  • individuals learning to play through extracurricular forms of education
  • individuals not currently in the education process (professionals, amateurs)

Participation in the competition involves submitting a recorded video with any solo Baroque-era program (or with accompaniment) lasting up to 10 minutes (exceeding the time limit is only possible in closed forms), filling out the registration form and paying the entry fee. Performance of early music and compositions from other eras is allowed, provided that the composition is written in the Baroque style.

The deadline for submission is February 26, 2024.


Recording specifications:

  • the entire silhouette of the performer must be visible in the recording (especially the playing apparatus with the entire instrument),
  • the recording must be done in one shot, without editing or assembling from multiple shots,
  • the video should be recorded horizontally,
  • please upload the recording exclusively to YouTube using your private channel, with the video set as private, 
  • provide the link to the recording in the registration form, 
  • each video description should include: PERFORMER'S FIRST AND LAST NAME, COMPOSER'S FIRST AND LAST NAME, and the TITLE OF THE PIECE

 Chamber ensembles can consist of 2 to 9 people - without a conductor. The oldest participant determines the group's category. 


Participants are required to adhere to the performance time limits. In case of exceeding them, the jury chairman has the right to disqualify the recording. Performing with sheet music is allowed. Performing pieces without active accompaniment (with a musical background, and also without a piano part altogether) is also allowed. 

The jury will listen to Festival participants in the following groups.


Learning time


up to 12 months of learning 


1 - 2 years of learning


3 - 4 years of learning


5 - 6 years of learning


7 - 8 years of learning


9 - 10 years of learning


11 - 12 years of learning


13 - 15 years of learning


16 - 17 years of learning


above 17 years of learning


open - others

During the evaluation, jurors do not assign points. They vote in a yes/no system for the following distinctions: laureate or honorable mention. The number of laureates and honorable mentions is not predetermined. Results will be sent via email to the provided email address in the registration. 

It is necessary to provide a contact email address for the participant or parents in the registration form as the results of the competition along with the corresponding diploma will be sent to this address. Information about the awarded prize is conveyed solely to the participant and their teacher.

Laureates receive a laureate diploma. Participants with honorable mentions receive an honorable mention diploma. Individuals who do not receive distinctions receive a participation diploma. The possibility of awarding non-regulation prizes is allowed. Diplomas will be awarded to teachers for outstanding student preparation. 

To register, fill out the registration form available on the Festival's website and make the entry fee payment (the same for solo participants and for ensembles) to the account:

Beneficiary account:

PL 14102040270000170216404378 

Beneficiary name: 


Beneficiary bank code (SWIFT): 



Last and First Name; BAROQUE


42 EUR or 45 USD

Transaction costs are borne by the sender. Changes in the payment transfer information will result in the payment return. Registrations without the entry fee will not be accepted. Information about being accepted as a participant will be sent by email after the payment is credited to the account. Please attach a PDF confirmation of the transfer to the registration form. 

Submitting an entry to the Festival is equivalent to accepting these regulations and granting the organizer consent to process personal data for organizational purposes.

The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the competition regulations.

All current information regarding the Festival can be found on the website

The organizer of the 7th National Competition as part of the BAROQUE STYLE Festival is the Jan Romanowski Foundation.


Download the rules